Boredom has has consequences. Don’t get bored.


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I struggle to remain consistent in my writing sometimes because I do not exercise patience. I get bored with “trying” and “my efforts.” Eventually, someone gives me a kick about my blog and I am slapped back into the reality that this is not about me. Huh…if it’s not about me, I get bored. Ain’t that the truth for all of us?

Boredom can really cause discouragement and derail you from pursuing the good things in life. Where there is no interest, there is no return. Boredom occupies spaces in life that lack consistency, patience, and discipline. I believe this is why we are challenged with keeping our commitments. I am learning to push myself and demand discipline instead of living by feelings. Writing when I feel it does not exemplify discipline. Get up and get movin’ out of this state! #BreakBoredom

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Wow! Great read that solidified my day. Doubt is an ancient limitation in the human race. #PracticePositive #BePositive


POSITIVE. Meaning no possibility of doubt; clear and definite.

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Is it possible to create a day in your life with a positive perspective in every situation and circumstance? I just created doubt in that question, right? I believe that doubt is an ancient limitation in the human race. Somehow, societies around the world have embraced the idea that without negativity, there is no reality. For some people, it is more comfortable to express negative opinions and perspectives. Many people use doubt as a coping mechanism: crisis, fear of success, responsibility and accountability to name a few.

We all need a positive perspective in our lives. How to make that happen? Well, this will requires discipline in lifestyle; believe me… it is hard work. I am learning to navigate through negativity in order to arrive at a positive point. Everyday, tragedy and sadness…

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Excellent reflection


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Reflection is a very powerful tool in life. It can help a person recognize failures, successes and learn lessons. I think sometimes I reflect too much; I become stagnant on past failures and end up forfeiting forward movements.

It is important to learn lessons, reconcile your heart, and move forward. In some cases, it is necessary to bring closure with relationships and hurtful concerns, but reflection loses its power when we begin reliving and retelling experiences. At that point, you can become  fearful of moving forward. #FeetForward #2016

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Powerful truth

Excellent perspective on relationships.


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Holiday shopping can lead to lots of great sales and not so great bargains! I remember years ago when our children desired a very expensive gaming system that we could not afford during the holiday season. In venturing for other toy items, I noticed a deeply discounted system for sale in ‘as-is’ condition. Visually, it appeared to be fine. We immediately purchased with excitement and anticipation of our kids’ surprise. The next day, the item was completely inoperable and we could not return since I convinced my husband to buy in ‘as-is’ condition. To say the least, we had to purchase a brand new gaming system. Staring at their little sad faces was just completely unbearable.

Upfront, this appeared to be a great bargain and savings, but it led to more cost and heartache. . . after all, it was a quick…

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This a wake up call.


I just completed a major research project and had the honor of presenting my published work as a visiting faculty at another University. There was an interesting response about the opportunity. An individual was seemingly disappointed that my endeavor was not farther away from home. Admittedly, I was bewildered by their reaction, as they have always been a great supporter. I listened previously on many occasions to their opinions and observations of my journey. Perhaps too many suggestions were considered and they became comfortable in assessing my experiences. I realized that I extended rights and privileges for their opinions.

Never allow someone else to take ownership or credit for the gifts and privileges bestowed upon you. We have mentors, accountability partners, supporters, those that water, and some that plant, but the ultimate gift of purpose is upon your life. Of course we would all love the support, but stay focused…

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Truth and blessings. You are not going to receive this unless you are truly a spiritual son.