I looked around on Fathers Day and I wonder, where are the men in the church?  My heart often grieves for the lack of men, male leadership, fathers in the House of God.  In the beginning, God created man, first, in his image.  He formed (yatsar – to form using a divine activity from a pre-ordain plan or divine purpose) out of dust (‘aphar – rubbish, debris, dust) of the ground (‘adamah – land, earth substance) and breathed (naphach – given life) into his nostrils the breath (neshamah – breath of God) of life; and man became a living soul (nephesh – living being) Genesis 2:7 NKJV.  God created man from a divine activity based on a pre-ordained plan for a divine purpose out of debris of the earth and gave divine life to a living being called Adam.  Men have a direct connection to our Maker, yet some men have abandoned that relationship with God because of sin.  One may say that it was Eve’s fault because she gave the fruit to her husband, but it was the husband’s decision to give up his leadership or headship to follow without question.  It is easy to lay blame on someone else without accepting responsibility for our actions.

This is not to say that those reasons are not valid, but at some point we must look at ourselves and say, we must change that path that we are on and begin to realign ourselves with God’s purpose.  Since sin entered the world, it has broken relationship with our God, our Creator.  For centuries it was understandable that men would be lawless naturally and spiritually because of that broken relationship.  Now, since Christ has come and has bridged the gap between man and his Father, the tide has changed, access is there once again and we must find our way back to Father so that we can lead and father a generation that needs fathers in an astronomical way.

Damage has been done, but it is not too late for men to repent and come back to Father.  We must commit ourselves to His plans so that we may lead according to His purpose.

Pastor T