April 2014

I wept after reading this.

Just A Thought...

Computer Virus

Two days ago my computer became infected with a virus. It infected over 4,000 files and disabled my internet.  It is a very stubborn virus. My brother who is an IT professional made several attempts to remove it. Most of the infected items were deleted, but some still did not respond to several cleanings and internet browsing was not restored. I was told that my best solution was to have the PC wiped clean and returned to the state of factory specifications. After that, everything will need to be reinstalled.  

Having my main PC unavailable to me is a great inconvenience and challenging to me in more ways than one.   My circumstance caused me to reflect on the season we’re in and why Christ had to die on the cross. That stubborn virus is like sin and the infected programs reminded me of the depth of the effect that sin…

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Purification is a necessary step to growth.

A Season of Sacrifice

As a child, I was told in no uncertain terms to “stay away from fire”, and “never play with matches.” Whenever the oven opened, and I approached to watch my parents prepare a meal, I was met with a clear directive. “Get back!” Naturally, (or by learning the hard way), it has been engrained in me to avoid fire, or at the very least, handle with extreme caution. I’ve learned that what works in the natural realm, doesn’t always apply in the spiritual realm.

The dichotomy of the two realms presents a conflict in my mental state. Physically, I’m trained to avoid fire, but spiritually, I’m being led to it, and through it. This fire is called the ‘issues of life’, that God uses to purify us. Knowing this, I realize I cannot approach this fire with the mental disposition of avoidance from a soulish, and earthly realm, but I…

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It is time to move forward.

A Season of Sacrifice

I once thought these things were valuable, but now I consider them worthless because of what Christ has done. Yes, everything else is worthless when compared with the infinite value of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord. For his sake I have discarded everything else, counting it all as garbage, so that I could gain Christ (Philippians 3:7, 8 NLT)

In this time of reflection, we must evaluate how we think and the impact it has on our connection with God. We acknowledge our mistakes, and with God’s grace, we resolve to move forward, never to return to that place or state of mind again. Often, we find that our behavior is a derivative of our prior experiences. When God liberates you from your past, it is an amazing feeling. But, what do you do when you know you have to let go of your past, but your past isn’t ready…

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Just A Thought...


For many of us, this season of sacrifice during lent has been a wilderness experience.  As further progression is made into the 40-day journey, the testing and challenges have intensified. Just as Jesus was tested and he spoke the Word of God to the tempter, it is imperative that we are careful how we respond in our wilderness.  Emotional responses may determine whether or not we make it out of the wilderness alive!  I was reminded of this when during this week my husband received news that was not favorable.  Surprisingly, I was not really phased and at one point I even laughed, because the following scripture came to my mind: 

Behold, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs forth; do you not perceive and know it and will you not give heed to it? I will even make a way in the wilderness and rivers in…

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Fitting into God’s plan

A Season of Sacrifice

When you are focused on weight loss goals, most have that token pair of pants, suit, or dress that is a size or two smaller than where you are to use as a gauge in your progress of losing weight. Either you once were that size, and that item serves in memoriam to yester-you, or you recently purchased the item as motivation to keep pushing toward your goal. Fitting into that pair of pants is one thing, but how well do you fit into God’s plan for your life?

There is no suitable comparison to God’s plan for your life, but if I were to offer a synonym, I would compare it to a high end, extremely elegant wedding gown. An Oscar de la Renta or Vera Wang gown has very few, if any, alterations. The objective of the designer is to create a masterpiece at a specific size. Nothing…

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Don’t deviate from obedience.

Just A Thought...


About 18 months ago, my mother adopted a puppy from a rescue shelter.  His name is Alex.  He has some little quirky habits, but he is very sweet and special dog who is very easily trained.   Alex reminds me of alot of people in the fact that he is very much a creature of habit and doesn’t always adapt well to change.  Last week the flooring was replaced in the kitchen.   Alex was hesitant to walk on the new floor, simpy because it was different and not the floor he had become accustomed to.  The problem was that his food and water dishes are in the corner of the kitchen.   Mom stood in the kitchen and called for him to come to her, trying to assure him that it was okay, but Alex would not step out.  He was willing to starve, rather than face his fear of the unfamiliar and walk on that new floor to his food!  …

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