May 2014

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As I look across social media, news articles and television, my heart is in a state of shock and discontent. Seemingly, there is a rage in the earth against minority daughters. Sudden death, runaway and missing girls, and group kidnappings are becoming an uncomfortable norm not locally, not nationally, but globally. Interestingly, the female minority is the target . . . from my perspective. The Nigerian girls – future mothers of many and one of many instances, have become political assets.

A few years ago, I wrote a research paper on the most diverse generation becoming the next global leaders. Here we are, years later, with the most diverse generation in the history of generations entering the workforce . . .minorities. Leading in that scope is the female gender that is now a target of extinction? Minority women are not limited to African Americans, but they are the soil of…

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Don’t let the eye fool you. Great read.


Living on the coast is a beautiful experience, but you have to understand the seasons of that type of lifestyle. During hurricane season, you have to be ready for storm systems. Now, some individuals have grown accustomed to storms and feel that since they have survived all of them, they have nothing to worry about. I grew up in the south and my family and I weathered many hurricanes. Hurricanes have a 3-part system: the front, the eye and the back of the storm. Sometimes the level of strength can be deceiving until the storm hits land.

Each storm has its own mark and identity defined by its strength. Its ability to control can be catastrophic. The beginning of the storm may seem as though it is a bad rain and windstorm and maybe you can feel some shaking. Then, a few hours later, there is the “eye” of the storm…

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A moment of silence…let’s go global and Kingdom


This blog, I challenge all readers to give a moment of silence towards the families of the missing Nigerian girls. Of course, this has been an issue for years, now, it has evolved into a crisis. My prayer is focused upon their future: The ministry of motherhood is in jeopardy.

The continent that is known as “The Motherland” is now experiencing the crisis of its very calling; the place historically referenced as where life first appeared. The Motherland extends history across the globe; her seed travels far and near. Over 200 girls have destiny, potential and promise. Over 200 girls at minimum can birth 200 doctors, lawyers, and global change agents. At minimum, over 200 girls can birth peacemakers and activists. Over 200 girls have mothers in mourning.

What are you doing about it? Is your day filled with meetings? Postings? Blastings? Scandals? Gossiping? Homework? Text? Email? Can you provide…

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The concept of lifelong learner was introduced to me during my graduate program. Years later, I have gained a deeper understanding of this type of learner. A lifelong learner is self-motivated, but not necessarily self-taught. The lifelong learner lives for wisdom, and understanding. The individual remains teachable and respects the source of knowledge.

The opposite of the lifelong learner is the limited learner. They are overly confident in their own self-study, self-pace course. These individuals challenge new information, or add their own perspective. Some infamous phrases of the limited learner: “I was just thinking about that;” “I was going to say that;” “I read that the other day;” “Add this as well.”

Ahhh . . . the know-it-all that knows nothing. Limited learners are intimidated by information not derived from them. They are secretly competitive and try to prove their point by challenging and showing they are at the same…

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