Great introspection. Hmmm. The witness protection program. Wow!


Fear . . . the continued insight and expressions of human experience. In my last writing, I described fear. Is it an actual person? No, it is an emotion, but in the faith-based context, we attribute fear to a spirit that can possess a person. It cannot survive singly; the emotion is a “mixed breed” type of bondage: doubt, question, and uncertainty are precursors to enter the mind.

How does this spirit access the mind? I will answer with a question: What part of life are you timid and vulnerable? I believe an individual is in a state of despair and weary in the struggle to resist the stronghold, ultimately forfeiting self-will and determination. To some, it may be easier to yield with hands-up. Once access of the mind has been permitted, a prison in the mind evolves and the only bail is to breakout. Be careful, because…

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