October 2014

Worth the contemplation.


I was sitting in my office staring in the window and watching the leaves fall. I was mesmerized by the leaves falling and literally researched why leaves fall off of trees! I discovered that shedding leaves helps a tree conserve energy and water. As the weather changes, hormones in the tree trigger the process of abscission whereby the leaves are actively cut-off by specialized cells.

There is actually a seasonal process for shedding leaves. Imagine the damage if the leaves remained year round; the tree would lose energy and have no water supply because the leaves would extract the resources and the tree would not survive. I would also imagine that the tree would have a rest period before the new season of growth and the weight and responsibility of the new bloom. The roots and core of the tree had to be released from the past season.

I believeā€¦

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Excellent read. Life lesson.


A few weeks ago, I sprained my knee while moving some boxes. Now that I have some age upon me, healing takes a while. I was in great pain and my knee resembled a personal size watermelon. The discomfort was very difficult to bare and my movements were slow. I needed extra assistance and sitting too long would cause stiffness. As the days progressed, the pain subsided, but I was still cautious in my movements.

Eventually, I was able to handle staircase movement. The swelling eventually dissolved and I used my brace seldom. One day, I was conversing and became distracted and walked into a glass table with custom end points. You guessed it . . . I hit the recovering knee . . . ouch! I screamed very loudly and the pain felt that same as the initial sprain. My knee began to swell immediately and the brace returned.

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