January 2015



Transparency is mandatory in personal development. This has been a part of my own personal process; as well, I have observed the evolution of truth in the lives of others. Development in your purpose, ministry or life calling requires a track of transparency before written plans, or programs.

This is not always an easy portion for individuals that struggle with forms of accountability. Transparency requires clarity, and projection in one’s life and this can be difficult to handle. It requires that all segments of your life (not just one component) become an example of decision. One of the greatest lessons I have learned is never assume that transparency is understood by others. My negligence in assuming created pain in due process and hurt in the lives of others. More damage was done because transparency was not emphasized as crucial and many thought it was optional or partial was enough.


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Great follow-up!


Although one may be well aware of what they were born to do, created to do, or called to do, we are not in ready form and this is where development is important but preceded by an important life phased called deliverance. Individuals that aspire to fulfill their purpose, ministry calling or dreams most often want to complete their life in excellence. First things first: deliverance before development.

It is easy to design a plan of success or track of development, but it will end with the casualty of the calling if deliverance is not first and foremost. I have witnessed too many times individuals that want to be successful, influential and powerful, but not delivered. Developing someone that is undelivered, lends to unexpected endings, abandonment and additional damage to the person.

Development to fulfill destiny should not be taken lightly. Impacting the lives of others with our own…

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I know you know MANY people like this.


It is a new year with new opportunities to conquer ignorance

Earlier in the week, I had an opportunity to dialogue with a young, aspiring adult about their goals. The young woman desired to enter the entertainment and modeling industry. I inquired regarding her preparation for the path and she responded that she really did not need training, education or a coach because she watches television a lot. She had picked up model movements by watching television.

My initial reaction was that of a bull that beamed the color red for the charge, but instead, I listened to her plans. She could not share her plan of entry for career progression. She did not understand business strategies, financial planning/investment, and had no intentions on having a business consultant or manager. She was going to move forward from what she captured from viewing television programs, social media articles, and pictures. I…

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